Optimise your weight and energy levels

I’m pleased to offer this unique three-month programme that is designed for those who struggle to lose weight and constantly feel tired, despite following a healthy diet and exercise programme.

Food intolerance can be the cause of many medical symptoms but can also have a major impact on how our body performs. When our body is working hard to achieve physical goals (including ideal weight) it makes sense to ensure that the food we are eating is working with us, not against us.

Therefore, I introduce a food intolerance test (a simple skin-prick blood test) at the beginning of the weight-loss programme, in order to ensure that the client’s diet is at its optimum, right from the start.

The programme includes:

  • Initial consultation (history taking, body composition assessment, blood test)
  • Food intolerance test and test results interpretation
  • Elimination diet plan and support material
  • Monthly follow up sessions (three follow up sessions) to monitor your progress and to make adjustments to your diet plan.
  • Email and telephone support to keep you motivated and help you while changing your diet
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