Optimise your weight and fitness level

Our new comprehensive health and weight loss programme is ideal for those who want a long term solution for their weight management and overall well-being. It offers a healthier approach towards weight loss and it combines the main principles of healthy eating and exercise.

Instead of crash dieting which is considered as a short term solution for weight loss, you will be encouraged to follow the principles of a healthy and balanced diet and personalised exercise programme. As a result, you will lose your weight slowly and steadily and you will be able to maintain it after you complete the programme.

Your progress will be monitored with the Tanita Body Composition analyser by measuring your weight, fat loss, muscle gain and basal metabolism rate.

The programme includes 10 sessions (five sessions with nutritional therapist and five sessions with a personal trainer).

  • One initial consultation (diet and lifestyle assessment and body composition assessment) with nutritional therapist.
  • Four follow-up consultations (progress monitoring and adjustments to your diet plan) with nutritional therapist.
  • Five tailored sessions – exercise with personal trainer.
  • Fiver body composition assessments with the Tanita Body Composition analyser.
  • Highly personalised menu plans.
  • Support material (recipes, food diary, handouts).
  • Food diary analysis.
  • E-mail/telephone support between the sessions.
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